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Message from the Executive Editor
Protecting Human Rights and Individual Freedoms

 S ince it was founded in 1968, Freedom Magazine has become widely recognized as one of the foremost voices for social reform and human rights.

Originating in the United Kingdom as a newspaper broadsheet, Freedom's flagship edition is now published in the United States by the Church of Scientology International. By 1998, localized editions were being published in fourteen countries and nine languages. www.freedommag.org

A forum for hard-hitting investigative journalism, Freedom has taken on stories that other media have been reluctant to investigate or publish. And, as its readership has grown, so has public awareness of areas in need of social reform. Freedom has broken important stories on the forced drugging of schoolchildren, government chemical and biological warfare experimentation and brutalities within the psychiatric industry.

Freedom is a dependable source of information about a wide range of timely issues, from government corruption to workable solutions for the problems of drug abuse, illiteracy and violent crime, to protecting privacy, property rights and freedom of speech in the electronic age of the Internet.

It is Freedom's intention to protect and support those voices speaking out on behalf of human rights and individual freedoms so they continue to become more and more powerful in the years ahead.

But the active and constant defense of those basic human rights and freedoms is necessary, for there are many who would see them destroyed and too many times in our recent history, in the century just past, we saw freedom's flame flicker low.

No matter how technologically advanced our age, no matter "how enlightened" the opinions on talk shows or popular magazines, words and rhetoric are not enough. For there are those, some in positions of power, who are on a mission of destruction, and it will take more than talk to abort such a mission.

So Freedom investigates and publishes what we find. We investigate and expose the crimes, abuses and malfeasance of those who would see man's freedoms and rights extinguished and lost in the ensuing darkness. We do this in the face of powerful vested interests, of governments who have become the enemy of their own people and because of this, laws have been passed, people have been saved and freedoms protected.

This site exists to allow you to help to uphold and protect human rights and freedoms. Your contribution of observations, data, information, evidence and insight, can sustain and drive investigations that can lead to the success of the crusade.

I hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity to help and in doing so you are protecting the future for all of us.


Executive Editor
Freedom Magazine


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